Over 150,000 businesses use Salesforce, one of the most well-liked CRM platforms, to support their marketing and sales efforts. Businesses may use the software to automate customer journeys and monitor the effectiveness of their marketing activities to convert more leads and increase revenue.

Even if Salesforce is strong on its own, integrating it with other systems may significantly increase its value by enabling you to gather additional data and initiate activities with products you already use. Salesforce offers over 2,500 connections and apps that expand the platform's capabilities and advance process automation. It is beneficial for Salesforce integrations for marketing.

Top 3 Salesforce Integrations For Marketing

With so many connections available, choosing the best ones for your company may be complicated. For you to utilize Salesforce to its most incredible capacity, we have prepared our top selections of Salesforce integrations for marketing below.

  1. ActiveCampaign: Best Customer Experience Integration
  2. Swrve: Best Mobile App Integration
  3. Pardot: Best B2B Marketing Integration

1. ActiveCampaign: Integration for the Best Customer Experience

A cloud-based software platform for automating the customer experience is called ActiveCampaign. The platform provides a 360-degree picture of the customer journey, which integrates email marketing, CRM, sales, and marketing automation technologies to give a connected customer experience.

Businesses can create automated 1:1 interactions across all channels and across the client lifecycle by integrating ActiveCampaign with the Salesforce integration company. Leads and contacts will immediately sync across the two platforms because data is updated in real-time. Additionally, you can include Salesforce contacts and leads in your email marketing automation processes and monitor how prospects react to your correspondence. It is the first and main platform for Salesforce integrations for marketing.

2. Swrve: Best Mobile App Integration

Swrve is the leading CX interaction provider in the world, helping businesses connect with their mobile-first clients and establish long, significant connections. Swrve's objective is to assist marketers in understanding every user, anticipating their requirements, and interacting with them at the appropriate time, with the appropriate message, through the appropriate channel. And they do it all with a top-notch workforce and business-level technology.

Swrve's potent platform and APIs assist businesses in developing interactions for Salesforce integrations for marketing and experiences that are incredibly relevant, contextual, and individualized for each client. With extensive A/B testing tools for the best outcomes, the data-driven engagement platform enables applications to develop cross-channel experiences via push notifications, in-app chat, and embedded experiences.

3. Pardot: Best B2B Marketing Integration

Salesforce's native automation and the lead-generating product are called Pardot. The platform helps with Salesforce integrations for marketing and gains B2B marketing automation features, including lead nurturing, customized email campaigns, and ROI reporting. Users may prioritize their top leads, score prospects based on various criteria, and monitor prospects.

You can exchange more meaningful data between Pardot and Salesforce through integration, helping you better understand your audience and produce effective marketing messages. Teams now have access to all the information theyrequire to communicate with prospects effectively, improving their chances of generating inbound conversions. 


In this article, the fundamentals of the Salesforce integrations for marketing are clear, and it mentions three major integrations for marketing that can help you expand your marketing with the Salesforce integrations for marketing. You can contact the Salesforce development company.